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  • General SABER PCoC services
General SABER PCoC services

General SABER PCoC services

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SASO CoC is a Product Conformity Program for exports to the country implanted by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, what means that all products require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) to enable customs clearance as part of the Saudi Arabia Conformity Assessment Program.

The CoC (Certificate of Conformity) is a certificate required for each shipment of certain imported goods to clear customs; it confirms the shipment compliance with the relevant technical regulations and meeting SASO standards for safety and suitability for use in Saudi Arabia.

To obtain a PCoC, (Product Certificatation of Conformity), importers must submit the request online through Saber electronic platform, registering the regulated products and choosing one of the SASO approved Certification Bodies (CB), to process and follow up the request; the PCoC is issued online in saber platform for every regulated product as per the applicable product standards defined in the relevant technical regulation. 

CindaTest China are in partnership many well-known Certification Bodies such as TUV Rheinland, Nemko and QIMA to provide all Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC) services for all low voltage electrical appliances and equipment (Notified by GSO for G-Mark) according to the technical regulations approved by the authority.



PCoC Issuance Process

·  Service requester should enter all the required product data on the Saber platform.

· Service requester selects Certification Body (CB), to proceed with the issuance process and following up.

· PCoC fees payment.

· Cindatest reviews and follows the request.

· Cindatest cooperates with the service requester to ensure providing and submitting all required data and documents. 

· Cindatest uploads the documents to Saber system after ensuring its validity and accuracy. 

· PCoC issuance through Saber platform.


General Remarks about COC

· CoC is issued by the Certified Body in the product’s country of origin upon approving the shipment and ensuring its compliance. 

· CoC must be attached to the documents of the shipment exported to Saudi Arabia. 

· CoC is valid for only a specific shipment. 

CoC is valid for only a certain period of time.(normally 1 year)

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