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Fuzhou Zijin Quality Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Zijin for short) is located in the 863 Program National Professional Incubator-Maker Valley in the Fuzhou Software Park. It is an innovative enterprise that is mainly supported by the state to incubate mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Zhang Zhinan, the executive vice governor of Fujian Province, Yang Yue, secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Yang Yimin, the mayor of Fuzhou, visited many times. Based in Fuzhou and facing the international market, we are a company mainly engaged in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, safety testing, radio frequency and telecommunication terminal products (RF, Telecom) testing, chemical testing, mechanical testing, Building materials testing and certification consulting has been authorized by major institutions in Europe, America, and Asia. For commercial and household appliances products, industrial machinery products, shoes and clothing products, information technology products, lighting products, toy products and power tools and other product certification consulting.
    We have accumulated a wealth of experience through cooperation with TUV,  and other authoritative organizations and a large number of international certification consulting and testing work, and have accumulated rich experience to provide you with professional, fast and satisfactory certification Consultation services, let your products enter the international market smoothly, and quickly realize "global communication".

In the European Union,we support certificate issuance and qualification authorization allow you to obtain CE certification products in the fastest speed to reach the 28 EU countries.

In the Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabia SASO certification consulting, Nigeria SONCAP certification consulting, Kenya PVOC certification consulting, Iraq COC certification consulting, Iran COI/VOC certification consulting, Kuwait KUCAS certification consulting, Uganda PVOC certification consulting, Tanzania COC certification consulting, etc. ,

In North America, the United States, the FCC ID certification consulting in Canada, the CSA certification consulting in Canada, we have professional testing technical support, professional engineers on-site service, allowing you to quickly pass the testing, factory inspection, certification and other processes.
    At the same time, Zijin can provide product rectification consultation, inspection and inspection services before shipment, efficient, authoritative, fair and fast!


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Contact: Tony

Phone: +8618150772083

Add: Building 312, C, Fuzhou Software Park ,89 Software Avenue, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province 

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