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What is Factory Audit?

Regarding what the Saudi SABER certification audit mainly inspects, what are the main contents of the Saudi SABER certification audit? These two questions are actually one problem, that is, the main audit
What to inspect? For the issue of factory inspection, this depends on the requirements of each issuing organization, because different issuing organizations have different inspection methods. For example, QIMA is an organization.
Using the scoring system, the auditors will be based on the scale of the factory, the overall operation status, production equipment, the operation status of the production line, and the management of the factory, including quality management

The establishment of the management system documents and the implementation of the quality management system documents are then scored based on the on-site assessment. Generally, a score of 70 or more is a pass, and a score of 70 or less is a failure.

If the “failure” is produced, it depends on where the unqualified is caused. If the software or documentation is unqualified, then it needs to submit the factory inspection data after rectification, and then review it.
The auditor re-issues the report and re-marks. If the hardware is not qualified, such as the equipment is not qualified, then rectify and re-inspect. This is to be re-inspected on site. After the re-inspection is qualified,
The auditor reissues the report and scores it. If it's software and documentation rectification, you don't usually need to go to the site, just fill in the information. If you still don’t understand, you can call to consult
We, because we have done many QIMA factory inspection receptions, we are more experienced, because QIMA is a more formal audit organization to receive auditors and they should pay attention to their audit requirements. we will
Provide QIAM's audit requirements, you can prepare the information according to the audit requirements we provide, basically all can--pass the audit in one time

Regarding the requirements of other organizations for factory inspections, they are not the same as QIMA organizations. Other organizations do not give a scoring system, but directly give judgments on the inspection results. This kind of general auditors basically
Four kinds of conclusions will be given at the scene, such as: passed the audit, verified on-site after the rectification, confirmed after the rectification, and failed the audit. Among the four cases, failure to pass the audit is the most troublesome, followed by rectification
Post-on-site verification is actually troublesome. The auditor still has to go to the site and only confirm after the rectification. You don’t need to go to the site and send the rectification file to the auditor for confirmation. The reasons for the rectification of the corpse’
It depends on the software reason, the file reason, or the hardware reason. The general hardware reason is the most troublesome. You have to go back to the scene. Of course, no matter which institution inspects the factory, what is the main inspection
What? In fact, they are all tested in accordance with the requirements of the IS09001 quality management system, only a small part of the organization will also involve the SA800 social responsibility system. As long as the ISO9001 system works well
Well, basically all of them can pass the audit. Of course, other aspects must be done well, such as reception, which is also very important.

After the auditor arrives at the site, what is the main inspection content, mainly to check the establishment of system documents, such as: procedure documents, quality manuals, organizational structure, process flow, purchase inspection records
Ling, production site inspection records, product functional inspection records, sampling inspection records, factory inspection records, training records, customer complaint handling records, etc., and then the inspection flow
In the light of circumstances, taking pictures of some production equipment and testing equipment, etc., this is the main content of the SABER factory inspection. Anyway, the root IS09001 is basically the same, it is based on this. Just put
After SO9001 is running well, it is easy to pass the audit basically. This is the main thing to be inspected by the SABER certification factory. Files and hardware are the main ones. Especially production equipment, testing equipment
Preparations, the establishment of system documents, these 3 items are done, basically, few fail. As for employee welfare and living conditions, it is generally rare to produce re-inspection.

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