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SABER Registration

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Saber Product Registration

What is Saber

Saber: Your Gate to the Saudi Market

Saber is an electronic system that connects traders and importers to product conformity certification bodies that are accredited by Saudi Customs and regulatory bodies "saber certification". Saber helps speed up handling of shipments, eliminate counterfeit consumer goods, track products more easily and increase the number of products approved by the Saudi Standards, Meteorology and Quality Organization (SASO) in the Saudi market. 


Saber platform

Saber Benefits:

· Facilitating and reducing the time required for the clearance of products by the General Authority of Customs.

· Speeding up the procedures for issuing the required conformity certificates and consignment certificates for consumer goods, whether imported or locally manufactured.


Saber registration

Schedule of Saber system announcements from the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Meteorology and Quality:

1st January, 2019: the system is mandatory for Gas-Powered equipment to be electronically certified via SABER system only.

1st April, 2019: the system is mandatory for the following to be electronically certified via SABER system only:

1. Low Voltage Electric Devices

2. Children's Toys

3. Lubricating Oils

15th June, 2019: the system is mandatory for the following to be electronically certified via SABER system only:

1. Building Materials - Part 1: Metal and Alloy Parts for Buildings 

2. Building Materials - Part 2: Insulation Materials and Building Materials

3. Building Materials - Part 3: Hydraulic Links and Related Products

4. Building Materials - Part 4: Bricks, Tiles, Ceramics, Sanitary ware and Related Products

5. Electrical Lifts Used in Buildings and Installations

1st August, 2019: the system is mandatory for the following to be electronically certified via SABER system only:

1. Paints and Varnishes 

2. Electrical Self-Balancing Boards (Scooter) 

3. Degradable Plastic Products (First stage)

4. Truck Barriers

5. Electric Batteries


How to register in saber system

Cindatest team will help you "Saber registration":


Create an account for your company on SABER where you will have the required help for account management.


· Register your products in SABER electronic system and enter all related technical data for each product, whether it is subject to technical regulations or not.

· Classify the customs code of each product.

· Identify one of the authorized notified bodies for conformity assessment via SABER electronic system.

· Following up issuing the corresponding certificate.

· Once the product conformity certificate (COC) is obtained, you can request a shipping certificate via SABER electronic system that will be sent to the Saudi Customs Authorities with each consignment to complete the clearance of the product to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


What is the importance for the traders to early register the products on SABER System, whether registration is mandatory or not yet?

· Relieving a lot of pressure on trader.

· Trader will bear the technical burden of registering product only for the first time.

· Once registered, the product is linked to the correct code and saved on SABER database for easy retrieve by the trader upon renewal of the certificate.

· Trader is given a valid certificate for two years, which can be used in the clearance of their product from the customs without any additional requirements. 

· When the trader needs to renew the certificate for the already registered products, a click of a button via the SABER trader’s page will do the job.

· Trader can track the submitted request and issue the certificate electronically through the SABER system.

· The conformity assessment bodies registered with SABER systems are committed to cooperate with trader and speed up completion of the certificate through the SABER electronic system in record time.

· All the activities of the conformity assessment bodies registered in SABER are under the direct supervision of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), which ensures transparency and fast delivery of services.

· Through trader’s page on SABER, a trader can follow up his products, quantities, timings and validity of the certificates, and get a panoramic view of his activity in all fields to help him interact with the market faster and more effectively.

Cindatest also helps obtain the Gmark Conformity Certificate together with our CB conformity partners.

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