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  • Quality Mark of Saudi Arabia
Quality Mark of Saudi Arabia

Quality Mark of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Quality Mark


Quality Mark

Saudi Quality Mark is an exclusive property of the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Meteorology and Quality (SASO), and it is an optional mark for all products except for the products on which the Saudi Quality Mark is imposed to indicate the conformity of goods to Saudi standards and having an appropriate quality system, and that the facility has an effective quality control and assurance system to produce goods with the required quality. The aim of the quality mark is to demonstrate conformity of the products to Saudi technical regulations and standards according to specific conditions in the technical regulations for granting the quality mark on the product.
Saudi Quality Mark existence on the products is an evidence that this product has been tested and made sure that it conforms to the relevant standard specifications and that the facility producing this product applies an integrated quality control system and meets the required standards and requirements to ensure that this facility is able to provide the product with the required quality, it is an important means to guide the consumer towards commodities that meet the Saudi standard specifications.
The system used in the management of the Saudi Quality Mark is based on the requirements of the International Standard Specifications (ISO/IEC 17065) concerned with the requirements of the bodies that grant certificates for products, operations, or services.

The Quality Mark is a common mark between the Saudi Standards, Meteorology and Quality Organization (SASO) and the conformity assessment body. Accordingly, CINDATEST together with CB partners to conform products to granting requirements, performs the following:

· Receiving and studying the request submitted to the authority.

· Reviewing the technical documents provided by the facility.

· Recording cases of non-conformity, taking corrective action, and making a recommendation for the conformity decision.

· When ensuring that all procedures are implemented in a correct manner, documents are sent back to the authority to take the final decision.

· Communicating with the facility to receive the license certificate to use the Saudi Quality Mark.


Who can apply for the Saudi Quality Mark?

Every facility that produces or distributes goods that comply with Saudi technical regulations and standards and applies an approved quality assurance management system to produce goods has the right to apply for the Saudi Quality Mark.


Products that can obtain the Saudi Quality Mark

· Construction and Building Products.

· Mechanical Products.

· Chemical Products.

· Electrical Products.

· Food Products.


Requirements for obtaining a license to use the Saudi Quality Mark

The products that apply for the Saudi Quality Mark must have the following:

· The product must conform to its Saudi standard specifications.

· Conformity of the establishment's quality assurance system with the regulations of the technical rules for granting the license to use the quality mark on products for each type of commodity, and the technical conditions required to grant a license to use the quality mark on products.


Advantages of obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark

1. Ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence and increasing sales.

2. Enhancing the reputation of establishments obtaining the mark locally, regionally and internationally.

3. Free registration on “Saber” electronic platform. Once the product obtains the Saudi Quality Mark, it does not require obtaining any conformity certificate (COC) or other marks, and the product can be registered immediately on “Saber” electronic platform.

4. Streamlining and easy entry of the products obtaining the mark through the customs outlets.

5. Supporting the national economy, raising the competitiveness of Saudi products in the domestic and international markets, and increasing Saudi exports.

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